Merwyn Bogue, aka Ish Kabibble


  • January 19, 1908
  • Erie, PA


  • June 5, 1994
  • Palm Springs, CA

Real Name

  • Merwyn Bogue


  • Janet

Theme Song

  • Isch Ka Bibble (I Should Worry)

Ish Kabibble

Trumpeter and novelty singer Ish Kabibble was a household name during the 1940s. With his puddin' bowl haircut and country bumpkin persona he was the comedic foil to Kay Kyser on the College of Musical Knowledge radio and television series. Offstage, though, he was an astute businessman and the manager of Kyser's orchestra for almost twenty years.

Merwyn Bogue joined Kyser's orchestra in 1931. A fine horn player as well as a novelty singer he earned his nickname from a comedy performance of the Yiddish song ''Isch Ka Bibble (I Should Worry).'' The song was popular with the public and people began to call him by its name. When Kyser's orchestra achieved national prominence in 1938 with the College radio broadcasts, Ish quickly became a celebrity. His songs and comedy spots were popular features of the program. He would often interrupt Kyser with the recitation of a silly poem, such as the following:

I sneezed a sneeze into the air
it fell to earth I know not where
but you should have seen the looks on those
in whose vicinity I snoze

Ish joined the Army during WWII but continued to perform with Kyser, who worked tirelessly entertaining the troops. He stayed with Kyser until the leader retired in 1950. He then pursued a solo career, working with his Dixieland outfit, the Shy Guys. When the band business declined he turned to selling real estate. Merwyn Bogue died of respiratory failure in 1994.