• December 24, 1910
  • Milwaukee, WI


  • September 5, 1969
  • Las Vegas, NV

Real Name

  • Mitchell Agress

Theme Song

  • You Go to My Head

Mitchell Ayres

The Mitchell Ayres Orchestra was a cooperative effort founded by a group of musicians who left the Little Jack Little Orchestra in the mid-1930s. Violinist Ayres served as front man for the band, an atypical collection of performers which at first glance appeared more like a group of homely scientists than an orchestra. Nevertheless, the band, whose catch phrase was ''Fashions in Music,'' proved itself one of the more musical hotel ballroom orchestras. It never truly swung hard but did present some good arrangements, specializing in novelty numbers and swing versions of the classics. It's most memorable hit was ''On Treasure Island.'' Featured singers were Maryann Mercer, Tommy Taylor and Meredith Blake. The orchestra appeared in three movies in the early 1940s before disbanding.

Ayres later became the musical director for Columbia Records. He also worked on several television programs, including The Perry Como Show, TV's Top Tunes, and The Hollywood Palace. Mitchell Ayres passed away in 1969 when he was struck by an automobile while crossing the street.